Condor Outdoor 2.5L Bladder (OD) - Stryker Airsoft

Condor Outdoor 2.5L Bladder (OD)

  • $21.95


The Condor Outdoor 2.5L Bladder is compatible with the Condor Outdoor Hydration Pack. It features a 2.5L water storage, a screw top cap with a carry handle, and hanger slots for mounting and drying.


  • Manufacturer: Condor Outdoor
  • Item #: 221032
  • Color: OD
  • Water Storage: 2.5L
  • Size: 16.5" x 7"
  • Warranty Provider: Stryker Airsoft (45 Day Warranty)


  • 2.5L Water Storage
  • Screw Top Cap with Carry Handle
  • Large Bite Valve with Lid
  • Flow Shut-Off Switch
  • Hanger Slots for Mounting & Drying
  • Thermalplastic Polyurethane