Bravo Airsoft Version 2 PJ Helmet (Kryptek Mandrake) - Stryker Airsoft

Bravo Airsoft Version 2 PJ Helmet (Kryptek Mandrake)

  • $59.99


The Bravo Airsoft Version 2 PJ Helmet is a lightweight helmet designed for maximum protection and comfort. It features ventilation holes on the top to keep the user cool. The Head-Lock chinstrap ensures the helmet is secure and the adjustable dial on the back of the helmet ensures a tight fit. This helmet also features sides rails for lasers and lights and the front mount can be used to attach cameras. If you are looking for some head protection against airsoft bbs while also styling a great look, this helmet is a great choice.


  • Manufacturer: Bravo Airsoft
  • Item #: HL-06-PJ-MA / BRAVO HELMET PJ V2 MA
  • Color: Kryptek Mandrake
  • Material: Plastic
  • Warranty Provider: Stryker Airsoft (45 Day Warranty)


  • Chinstrap & Adjustable Dial
  • Ventilation Holes
  • Accessory Rails
  • High Quality Head Protection